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Long Distance Moving to or from Dayton

Greater Dayton Moving & Storage proudly serves anyone moving to or from Dayton, OH. Part of the community for more than 50 years, we provide professional long distance moving services as an interstate agent for Bekins Van Lines, Inc.

The Bekins network is the fourth largest van line in the country as well as one of the safest on the road. In 2022, the American Trucking Associations Moving & Storage Conference awarded Bekins the Fleet Safety Award in the Over 10 Million Miles category. Our drivers maintain their equipment and focus on the road at all times to keep fellow drivers and your items safe.

When family, business or new adventures take you to another state, another coast, or another country, we’re the full-service moving company you can trust to get you there safely. Call us at 937-235-0011 to discuss your long-distance move today.

Get a ballpark estimate. If your move won’t take you out of state, learn about our local moving services.

Packing for a Long Distance Move

Logistics take a lot of time during your long distance move. Create your moving checklist early in the process so you don’t miss any important steps, such as downsizing, updating service providers, gathering important documents and records, setting up school enrollment, forwarding your mail, choosing your mover, and the part that might take up the most time – packing.

When you tackle the very first room in your packing adventure, you’ll quickly discover the task eats up the clock. Not only do you need to figure out what goes where and which box it will fit in, but you also need to wrap items in protective coverings so they make the trip without incident.

Make packing for a long distance move easy – let the professionals at Greater Dayton Moving & Storage take care of it. We’ll pack as many or as few of your items as you’d like. Keep in mind that in the long run having your mover pack all your items can save money, since the professionals have the years of experience and the right materials to get your items to your new destination safely. Contact us  to discuss your packing plan.

Storage Available during a Long Distance Move

Not everyone has their destination ready to receive items from their home right away. Maybe you’re building a new home and construction has taken longer than it took to sell your old home. You could be moving into a senior living community and still waiting for an opening. Perhaps you sold your home at a great price and are planning to rent for a bit until you decide where you’d end up.

Whatever the case, when you move long distance and need storage, Greater Dayton Moving & Storage and our Bekins network can help. Whether you’d rather have storage near Dayton or your new community, we can make that happen. Contact us to learn more about storage options for your long distance move.